The HOPE Coalition has been actively involved in tobacco-related projects over the past five-plus years.  We have taken different actions, including research, mapping tobacco vendors, one-to-ones with elected officials, anti-tobacco public demonstrations (Drop Dead Events), holding press conferences, testifying at public hearings, doing public opinion surveys, and enacting policy change efforts. 

The City of Worcester adopted a new Tobacco Ordinance based on our research and advocacy.   On May 10th, 2011, Worcester voted to ban the sale of tobacco from all health care institutions—including pharmacies.  Today, all pharmacies and stores that have a pharmacy (e.g. grocery stores with a pharmacy) are completely tobacco free!   Worcester also revised their temporary signage ordinance based on HOPE advocacy.  While officially content neutral, this   greatly reduces places for tobacco advertising and the amount of advertising allowed.

Check out our mapping project for the data to got us where we are today!

We did a similar project mapping the alcohol in our community!  Check it out!

Read our article about how we used GIS to make our case for policy change!  Read this article about the youth organizing process we used to get this work done!

We also work on the statewide 84 campaign

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