We are the HOPE Coalition. We are a youth-adult partnership aiming to reduce teen violence and substance use in order to promote positive adolescent mental health, youth activism, and youth voice in the city of Worcester.

This year we have been conducting Dialogues, with Worcester youth groups like Dynamy, Safe Homes, and the Boys & Girls Club, asking about their experiences in Worcester public schools. Our goal was to understand what kinds of environments diverse groups of students wish to learn in as well as what problems exist in our public schools.

This fall, we are hosting “The HOPE Education Summit” to share what we have learned from our Dialogues. We hope to bring together students to learn with us and share their experiences to help us create a learning environment which celebrates diversity, rooted in mutual respect, where students feel like they are in a community to grow, learn, and succeed. After the Summit we will share what we learned with adults through more dialogues, leading up to a youth-adult summit in June 2017.

We hope that you will join us at “The HOPE Education Summit” on October 12th, 2016! Come share your voice, and support our fight for the Worcester Public Schools we deserve!

Click here to see an overview of our dialogue process and results: HOPE Dialogue Process and Results

Click here to see our Six Points for Change! mission-points

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